Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Beautiful Grandbaby Liani.

 The Front cover. I'm using the Bind it all.

                                                 Each page has a tag.
                                                        This is the last page.

Liani is 3 months old and she is such an adorable baby. I know every grandma feels that way about their babies, but she is so adorable. She is a good baby. I have been working on a mini album for her. I have no idea why its taking me so long to get it together. I think its because I am such a perfectionist.  I'm afraid I will put it together and then realize I could have made it different or better. Thats terrible, right? Anyway here are the pictures of the album. I am using an old paper collection from making memories. The Sabrina collection.


  1. A perfect photo mini for a Perfect Little Angel!

    Kathy Miller
    aka ScrapNDaze

  2. Thank you so much. BTW I was watching your you tube video. I love the mini album with the coffee sleeves. Thanks for the info on the stuff you used to color the metal charm. I've heard people mention on their videos how they use alcohol inks, but I haven't had much luck with that. I'm going to try it your way. Thanks again :)